Construction Drawings

In this phase, the design development drawings will be expanded upon, and specific details will be worked out. At the conclusion of this phase, I will present the completed construction drawings to the clients. These drawings will be of sufficient scope and detail to obtain building permits and contractor bids. At the conclusion of this phase, I will be available to work with the clients on the bidding, construction administration, field changes, etc. 

Preliminary Designs

The information gathered in the programming phase serves as a basis for the preliminary design. The client's ideas, images, and the "as-built" drawings will be used as a background on which to sketch one or more possible designs. These sketches will be presented in a second meeting with the client to gather their reactions and further ideas. 



The whole process starts with a vision. I meet with the clients on the project site to gather information on their ideas, desires, budget, etc. At this time, I will collect a wish list of the client's desires, any pictures or images of inspiration, and any concerns that the client has with the project. If the project is a renovation or addition, I will need "as-built" information on the existing building. If the client is not in possession of accurate "as-built" drawings, I will need to photograph and measure the building, and produce plans and elevations (exterior views) of the existing building.  I will use this information as a basis of the design.


The design process is both an analytical and inspirational endeavor. Having worked in the design and construction fields for over thirty years, I've refined my approach to provide the most cost efficient path to a superior design. I base it on a four step process.


Fees for my services are typically well below industry standards. These fees may be calculated on a "time and materials" basis, a "time and material" with a "not to exceed" figure, or a "fixed fee" basis.

Design Development

I will use the client's comments regarding the preliminary design drawings to revise and/or further refine the design. This is when the final drawings begin to take shape. These design development drawings will be presented to the clients and any final refinements and/or changes will be discussed. 


Gregory A. Raye Architect